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Brother Transmission

Board President Abbess & Mistress of Propaganda Aspirant: November, 2010 Postulant: February, 2011 Novice: June 2, 2011 Fully Professed: April 21st, 2012 Mother: Father Oh Mary! Big Sisters: Sister Amanda Hugginkiss, Sister Faun D'Amen, Father Oh Mary! Children: Sister Grinnan Bearette, Novice Sister Nacho Daddy (Inactive) Short Bio: Brother Transmission ( or T-Mish for short) grew up in McKinleyville, CA as a poor lost little queer. They found their witchyness and queer radicalism early on the road to the Abbey, but has never felt more at home than with the Sisters. They love public ritual, talking to or at people, and a spectacle. In 2017 they were given full-face duties when their twin-identity Sister Gaia T decided to go away to a seminary. Other Names: Sister Gaia T Contact Information:

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