Eureka Sistory Tales from your Abbey of the BIG Red Wood


In the beginning the local queer townsfolk were hidden in the great green mist that hung over Humboldt County.   Then as tradition each year on the great day of “Pride”, the Great Spirit cleared the skies.  Out of the mist appeared the great messengers of joy, the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  These nuns from afar came forth to bless the 2003 festival of Pride.

And the townsfolk were touched by the “calling” as well as the Sisters.  They beseeched the Russian River Order to take them under their veils and to teach the ways of community outreach and activism without shame.

So it was, that Sister Nova Nilla became their mother and gave birth in the city of Eureka to the 11 founding members who came to be known as the Eureka Sisters, Inc. Abbey of the Big Red Wood.

Since then, the Eureka Sisters have gone forth to spead joy to those who have none and expiate stigmatic guilt of all through community outreach, education, and a little naughtyness.

The Abbey made their first appearance at the Humboldt State University’s “Qross Qultural Queer Film Festival” on March 21

In September, the Sisters joined forces with Queer Humboldt for “Bingo With A Twist” an annual comedy bingo that has raised over $28,000.