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Glitter Critter Bingo

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Glitter Critter Bingo Bayside, California – October, 2016   Do you like to cavorting with curiously creative critter and laughing the night away? Join your Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence October 15th at the Bayside Grange for “Glitter Critter Bingo”! Combining the loves of everyone’s lives,...


Dungeons & Dragqueens Bingo!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dungeons & Dragqueens Bingo Bayside, California – May, 2016 Do you want to get lost in a realm of fantasy, full of mystery, wizardry, and shiny objects? Join your Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence May 21st at the Bayside Grange for “Dungeons and Dragqueens” 10th Anniversary Bingo!...


Shot to the Heart Bingo!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Shot To The Heart Bingo Bayside, California – February, 2015  Do you want to help give love a bad name? Join your Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence this Valentine’s Day at the Bayside Grange for “Shot To The Heart” Bingo! Channeling the hot and heavy vibes of...


Trans Week of Remembrance ’14

TRANS WEEK OF REMEMBRANCE 2014   This year’s Trans Week of Remembrance is brought to you by: Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Humboldt Area Trans Support, Humboldt Pride, and the Humboldt County Library. Wednesday November 19th, Jefferson Project, 1000 B Street Eureka 7:30pm Trans Community Potluck at the Jefferson Project,...

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COCKTOBERFEST! Celebrate National Coming Out Day by strutting your stuff with the Eureka Sisters! October 11th, 7:30pm COCKTOBERFEST will hatch before your very eyes at the Siren’s Song Tavern in Old Town Eureka. A very queer take on the traditional celebration of beer, brawts, and broads, COCKTOBERFEST adds equal parts...